Monday, May 2, 2011

Speckled Yellow Opal - Glass Lampwork Bead

New Color I'm working with is called Yellow Opal. It is a reactionary glass and every bead made is unique because of the reaction it has to other colors in the flame.

I'm calling this one Suzy Q. The black on each end of the bead will pull out copper, silver or black when placed next to that color in a pendant, bracelet or whatever piece you see it mixed with. It is smaller than most beads I make.

Today I'm going to make bigger ones!!! I love this color. It is neutral enough but fancy enough to be a very nice focal bead enhancing even the simplest piece. 

It was made on a 3/32 inch mandrel and is approximately 8 mm thick, 31 mm tall and 6mm at the widest point.

This is the opposite side of the bead
 Another way of putting it...;o)

How it looks with a color next to it - This color would be Yellow !

And, by the way, this lemon came from our backyard Lemon Tree

Looks just like a bird - a lemon tree bird...

Enjoy this wonderful day.  I'll be back tomorrow with more.


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