Monday, May 9, 2011

Lunar - Glass Lampwork Beads

These beads take on a Lunar perspective. Yellow Opal rolled in a specialty Double Helix frit had a very interesting effect when heated and then again when annealed. They are very mooney and wearing them gives a feeling of other worldness. There is something very special about them and the fact that they are glass is even more awe inspiring - special.

There are purples, cobalt blues, yellow and blue green hews even though I used black to cap each end, what appeared after annealing are pale blue greens, greenish yellows and a dark navy blue on the one end in the picture.

That jewelry designer that leans to the other worldly effects in his/her jewelry will be inspired by these pieces.

Measurements: 68 x a little over 10 mm
Mandrel: 3/32

These will be up on my Etsy sight with 5 other views of the beads just for you. Take a peek and see what the other world has to offer.


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