Thursday, May 19, 2011

Venice Art Walk - Handmade Lampwork Jewelry by Suzanne Hansen

I've been invited to show my work at the Venice Beach Art Walk tonight. The Alkaline Water and Art Gallery will be doing a demonstration on Alkaline Water and I will be answering questions as well as showing my Glass Art for sale to guests walking through art gallery's and businesses located on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, CA.

It is a wonderful opportunity so naturally I spent the entire day yesterday turning my art glass into Handmade Jewelry. I've never considered myself a jewelry designer and have basically based my niche for selling my beads to "jewelry designers" on the lookout for cool and unique pieces of art glass to focus their designs around.

When I got into hammering and pounding the silver used as eye pins and melting tiny pieces of glass to the bottoms of each eye pin to accentuate each beads unique qualities, I realized how much I was enjoying the art of creating my own designs within each pendant. It seemed that each bead was crying out to be wrapped and or strung with a certain color ribbon or certain glass to stop the bead from falling off the eye pins. I think I might have it in me to be creating jewelry out of my very own Lampwork pieces of glass art. How can this be. I've been very clear about NOT being a jewelry designer and now - I find it an art in itself. Life is full of wonderful twists and turns.

I'll let you know tomorrow how much fun I have tonight showing, selling and telling the wonderful story of what Alkaline Water can do for your health.

Til then, I love you all - Suzanne
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