Monday, October 31, 2011

CARIBB - Set Lampwork Glass Beads

This is a very colorful set of 5 focal and 6 lampwork spacer beads. It makes me feel like dancin! Yeh! I should have named it "Saturday Night Fever"


19 mm to 29 mm hole-to-hole
20 mm to 29 mm wide

8 mm thick and wound on a 3/32" mandrel

This little fishie is on the other side of the above fin bead.  He's a happy little guy named "Fredrick".  For more views of this set please click on the Etsy pictures in the right hand column.      
Hugs Suzanne

Sunday, October 30, 2011

ENCHANTED - set lampwork glass beads

ENCHANTED is a set of 5 focal beads and 7 decorative spacer beads and 14 purchased tiny black spacers. It reminds me of taking a trip through the rain forest in Washington State. It has an enchanting aura about it. There are layers of clear giving an interesting 3D effect.


31 to 33 mm hole-thole
26 to 31 mm wide

Approximately 8mm thick

Thanks for stopping by - Suzanne
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Friday, October 28, 2011

PURPINK - Lampwork Glass Beads (Set)

This funky little set of PURPINK beads was so fun for me to make. Pink, Purple, flowers, squigglies, dots on each side decorated with hair fine glass stringers as always glass on glass melted in the flame on a canvas of my hand made glass beads. How grateful am I to be living my dream? Very grateful.

Hopp on over to Etsy for more views if you like.


34 to 36 mm hole-to-hole
21 to 27 mm wide
8 mm thick

wound on 3/32" mandrel

Having some struggles with my overwhelmed computer. Anyone have a Macintosh 2013 model they'd like to give away to a lampworker in Los Angeles named Suzanne??? ;o)

Love you all - xoxoxoxo Suzanne
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DELIGHTFUL - Lampwork Glass Focal Bead

This bead is just sooo delightful. The flowers are dancing right off the bead! Lots of motion and bright COLOR.


54 mm hole-to-hole
33 mm wide
11 mm thick

Wound on a 3/32 mandrel

"Delightful" has many layers of color and clear for an enchanting 3D experience. 

I can see it simply as a perfect pendant all by itself on a sterling bead and ball chain.  Wow!  Everyone who sees it will want to hold it in their hands and investigate further.

I hope you love it. Please check my Etsy store for views of the back side if you like.

Hugs - Suzanne
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Suzanne - What is a Newspaper? Black/White and Read all over...

This is a fabulous set of 3 focal beads, one larger than the other two, 6 matching speckled red spacer beads (one of which is a double bead) and 18 purchased small black interest beads. The red is a really pretty blue red. No orange in it at all.

This set could easily be broken up into a vivacious pendant and matching bracelet and earrings to match. Oh what you can do with just a few great matching lamp work beads.

(Approx Measurements)

Smallest - 37 mm from hole-to-hole x 21 mm wide
Largest - 45 mm from hole-to-hole x 26 mm wide

This set will be on Etsy shortly. Cross on over and take a peek if you like.

Hugs - Suzanne
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Windows by Suzanne

Each one of these beads has its own story to tell. As you gaze through the framed window into the heart of the beads you will see a completely different view.


From 33 mm to 35 mm hole-to-hole
and 23 mm to 25 mm wide

8 mm thick

5 focal beads
10 spacer beads white, bright blue and pea green

Join me on my Etsy sight for more views of this set.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hugs Suzanne
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is a great little set from yesterday fresh out of the kiln today. These purpley blue fade to orchid beads with happy white daisies with silver glass centers, polka dots and even three black fins on one for added interest. They are rainy day beads with high hopes for sunshine tomorrow.

The set is decorated on both sides as always with hair fine stringer work painted with glass on glass while in the flame.

This set will make a fantastic bracelet or necklace.


5 focal beads:

smallest bead is 33 mm hole-to-hole x 23 mm wide
largest bead is 35 mm hole-to-hole x 28 mm wide

plus 6 spacers

The beads are about 7mm thick and made on a 3/32 mandrel.

Hope you enjoy this set which will by in my Etsy Shop a little bit later this evening with a few more pics.

Love you Lots -- Hugs, Suzanne
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SUZANNE - Pocket Full of Posies - (set glass beads)

Hi everyone. No I didn't drop off the face of the earth even though it may seem so. I took the enamel class from JC Herrell and was so in love with enamels afterward I wanted to incorporate them into my designs. Practice, practice, practice until I could finally come up with something I am proud of. The colors are SO bright. Much brighter than the COE 104 Effetre etc. and handle differently as well. Although the base bead is made of Effetre white the enamel powder is shaken with a sifter onto the bead and put back into the flame to melt. The effects are faded colors on colors, which I like. Enamels are powdered glass and there are so many ways to work with them. Up until now I've only worked with rods of glass. I hope you like these as much as I enjoyed making them. They will be in my Etsy Shop shortly.

It's good to be back online sharing my beads. My beads are selling well and I'm developing many friends in the buying, selling and creative world. I'm blessed.

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