Monday, February 27, 2012

Three Bracelets - Suzanne Hansen Art Glass

Yesterday was a very busy day.  I was happy with many of the beads that came out of the kiln.  I made bracelets out of three of them and am so pleased with myself that I actually made jewelry!    You go girl...;o)
Tortoise Shell Bead with Black Band and super strong magnetic closure

Tortoise Shell Bead with Lt. Olive Green Band and super strong magnetic closure
The above bracelets will go in my Etsy Shop tonight but the one below is special.  

I'll be taking a class with Bronwen Heilman in May.  I made this bracelet for myself as a tribute to Bronwen.  I will not sell it because it is a copy of the bead she has on the cover of the book I bought of hers when I first started making beads.  I love her style and just fell in love with the originality of the beads on the cover necklace like this one.  So Bronwen, whenever I wear this bracelet I will be thinking of you!  Maybe some of your mojo will wear off on me.  I hope so.

See you in May at "The Mandrel" in Redondo Beach, CA!

Hugs Suzanne

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Tart Cranberry - Ring Topper - Suzanne's Art Glass

My friend Jan has ordered a Summer Ring and my only direction is that she likes the size of her present ring topper (a pod as this one) and the body of the ring should be white for summer.  I sent her a picture of what I made yesterday "Sweet Tart Cranberry".

We'll see if this is within the boundaries of her "vision" of a summer ring.  ;o)  She is so wonderful she loves all my creations, like only a good friend would.  haha


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ancient Scroll - Ring Topper

I'm certain there is a secret hidden in the scrolls of this ring topper.  hmmmm  very mysterious...

These scrolls are making me happy
Whisping and singing as they twirl and wind
I feel somehow connected, but wait - it's my creation !
I have no idea what the hidden message of this ring is - but it is sure to bring you joy.

God Bless

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Created with Jan in my heart...

Hi All,

I've been working on a series of ring toppers for a dear friend of mine in Tulsa using the techniques I've learned from Sara Sally LaGrand.    Some of the pics are a little blurry - sorry - they were taken with my phone - eeeekkkk.  Thought you might like to see them.  They are called craters in that there is a small berry or round bead inside each little bowl of glass.  I'm having so much fun with this wearable art.  Hope you like them.


1.   Deep Blue Sea Pod
 2.  Noah in the Boat Pod
 3.  Green Goddess Pod
 4.  Flower Power Pod
 5.  Little Purple Blue Pod
 6.  Scrollie Pod
7.  Purple Ipod  ;o)))))

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sara Sally LaGrand Workshop

This weekend Sara Sally LaGrand came to The Mandrel in Redondo Beach, CA and taught her personal how to make glass booches and wire woven designer jewelry.  Loving her style !   I've been waiting for this class for quite a while with great anticipation. I was not disappointed. Her class was fun, fulfilling, inspiring, self-esteem growing, confidence building and down right out of this world!

She first taught us how to go about making the little glass thingies coming out of the glass pods and fantasy filled leaves, etc. Even a mistake in this class is a win win. Everyone in the class proved themselves to be jewelry designers in the finest sense of the word.

The brooch is made with my handmade lampwork beads made on the first day of the workshop.

The second day of the workshop Sara Sally showed us all how to wire weave the support that goes on the back of the brooch leading to the placement of our favorite florals from the day of torch work the day before. She then taught us how to weave in wire a basket type support for bracelets, necklaces and anything else using this type of design to incorporate into our jewelry using our own handmade lamp work beads.

This "Evil Eye" bracelet is made with my own ipod (Sara's name for pods that look like eyes) glass eye on the basket weave design for my bracelet.

This class was just the pick-me-up I needed to get back on the torch with much needed inspirational boost. I bought a bunch of new glass to work with in my favorite colors and new glass that I have never worked with before. Time for me to branch out!!! Literally!

If the opportunity comes your way to take Sara Sally's class - do it! As a favor to yourself. You deserve it!  She touched my funny bone and my love for whimsical - unique other worldly art to wear.


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