Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Claudia Trimbur-Pagel - An amazing woman/artist/instructor

  Pics from the amazing two day of classes in Redondo Beach at "The Mandrel". Claudia Trimbur-Pagel was the instructor and these are her beads. Wish I could say they are mine, but they are not. I will be practicing these techniques for sure. Claudia's beads are amazing.

This little bird on top the bead reminds me to think outside the box and to take a dare I've put up for myself.  See what happens.
There, he peeks over the top but hides his feathers hidden on the other side.  I'm going to have to name this little guy.

Although I made the ring set up in ArtClay Silver, the bead was made by Claudia.  I don't know quite how I maneuvered that but the ring is gorgeous and I'm happy it is in my care forever.

I purchased the two blue beads (one already a bracelet) and the other to make a matching pendant.
Love it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SHANGRILA by Suzanne - Lampwork Glass Beads

SHANGRILA - my dream home. Full of fun designs, fun shapes, unique plants, a range of colors I've never seen before. A frisky, frolic through the meadows, across the streams, skipping from one side to the other on decorated stones which show me the way home.

This string of beads will delight you with its frolicking nature. Fun as heck.

5 focal beads
PLUS 10 spacer lampwork beads
(the tiny beads are purchased opalescent purple)

27 mm to 29 mm hole-to-hole
25 mm to 28 mm wide

8 mm thick and made on 3/32 mandrel

Great fun and popping colors await your unique styling in a OOAK piece of jewelry designed by you.

Thanks for stopping by. Much love and appreciation.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CHERISH by Suzanne - Lampwork Glass Beads

CHERISH To treat with tenderness and affection; to nurture with care; to protect and aid.

I began this string of beads over four days ago. I was so happy with the results when I recovered them from the kiln the morning after they joined us on earth. (Just saying - they weren't here, and now they are ;o)) I began cleaning out the holes with my dremel and two of them just broke in half. A third was cracked! What had gone wrong? All of a sudden this little string of beads became so important to me. I loved the beads that had not made it. I'd taken so much care in creating them and they made me smile when I put them in the kiln for the night. Such is the life of a bead maker. Some make it and some just don't. When they broke in my hand, my heart sank. I felt the loss of something I had treated with tenderness and affection, nutured with care, had protected and done my best to aid until they reached their final destination.

I created three more to take the place of those I could no longer use. I became so involved in healing this string of beads that I created even more matching spacers and unique little beads that were not in the original plan. Hopefully they will inspire those talented jewelry designers looking for a set that calls out to them "Buy Me (kiss kiss)".

The end result is even better than I'd hoped. Just goes to show you - never give up and love what you do. Oh Yes - and - make Lemonade when the world tosses you a lemon.


5 larger beads
PLUS 4 unique and just for fun beads
and 24 matching spacer beads

25 mm to 29 mm hole-to-hole
25 mm to 28 mm wide

8 mm thick wound on 3/32 mandrel

Enjoy Suzanne
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

CIRCUS! CIRCUS! Lampwork Glass Beads - SOLD

I love the color of these beads. Bright, cheerful, just colorie all over and lots of details on both sides. My very own handmade murrinis (those little stripy flowery dots) inside dots..haha Everyone laughs at the clowns that dress like these beads. What an action filled bracelet or necklace this set will make.


5 focal beads
PLUS 8 handmade dotted blue and purple matching spacers

30 mm to approx 36 mm hole-to-hole
24 mm to 31 mm wide

Beads are approx 8 mm thick and wound on 3/32 mandrels

Take a jaunt over to Etsy to see more views if you like.

Hugs to you all.
xoxo Suzanne

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

SERENITY - set lampwork glass beads

Green and blue translates to Serenity in my world. (smile) As these two colors peek from behind each other in this set of beads they leave lasting impressions rarely seen in glass.


5 focals
PLUS 10 matching spacers

31 mm to 39 mm hole-to-hole
21 mm to 27 mm side

Beads are about 8 mm thick and wound on 3/32 mandrels.

More views in Etsy shortly.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

CHEERIO - Lampwork Glass Beads - SOLD

Cherrio everyone! Last night on Rosie, Sara Ferguson was a guest on the show. I love it whenever I get a taste of the Royals. Or in this case, ex-Royal. At any rate, I love Fergy.

This yummy set of beads just made me Cheery as I began to post the pics. I love the lilac, mmmm, cherry/rosey speckled color of these beads. I might almost even call it orchid (maybe)which is another favorite color of mine; paired with black and a hint of dry martini green is amazingly gorgeous. The character of the glass shows up loud and clear with a 3D depth in layers of clear throughout the set.


5 focals (perfect for a bracelet)

29 mm to 35 mm hole-to-hole
24 mm to 29 mm wide

Beads are about 8mm thick and wound on a 3/32 mandrel

More views posted on Etsy shortly...Enjoy!

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