Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CHERISH by Suzanne - Lampwork Glass Beads

CHERISH To treat with tenderness and affection; to nurture with care; to protect and aid.

I began this string of beads over four days ago. I was so happy with the results when I recovered them from the kiln the morning after they joined us on earth. (Just saying - they weren't here, and now they are ;o)) I began cleaning out the holes with my dremel and two of them just broke in half. A third was cracked! What had gone wrong? All of a sudden this little string of beads became so important to me. I loved the beads that had not made it. I'd taken so much care in creating them and they made me smile when I put them in the kiln for the night. Such is the life of a bead maker. Some make it and some just don't. When they broke in my hand, my heart sank. I felt the loss of something I had treated with tenderness and affection, nutured with care, had protected and done my best to aid until they reached their final destination.

I created three more to take the place of those I could no longer use. I became so involved in healing this string of beads that I created even more matching spacers and unique little beads that were not in the original plan. Hopefully they will inspire those talented jewelry designers looking for a set that calls out to them "Buy Me (kiss kiss)".

The end result is even better than I'd hoped. Just goes to show you - never give up and love what you do. Oh Yes - and - make Lemonade when the world tosses you a lemon.


5 larger beads
PLUS 4 unique and just for fun beads
and 24 matching spacer beads

25 mm to 29 mm hole-to-hole
25 mm to 28 mm wide

8 mm thick wound on 3/32 mandrel

Enjoy Suzanne
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  1. What a beautiful set of beads! It's a pity that three of them broke, but I love their colour - one of my favourites!


  2. Thank you so much Tatkis. Well, there are always three more to be birthed somewhere in the Universe. ;o)

    Glad you like them...



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