Friday, August 31, 2012

How did that get from that????

I thought it might be fun for you to see how some of the bobbles are made in my jewelry wears.  For instance...   How does this

become a tiny little button closure on these wrap bracelets...

And so, the process begins...

I hand cut 4" pieces of steel annodized wire from a wrap of wire approximately 50' long.  Sitting at the torch the ivory stick of glass pictured is melted to around 1500+ degrees and becomes liquified.  While working with the glass in this form it is wound onto the steel wire at one end.  At the same time, the glass is shaped into a small round bead type button on the tip of the wire.  While the glass is still hot I "shmush" the glass into a little pile of glass frit [crushed glass] purchased from my favorite glass shop "The Mandrel". 

SIDE TRIP:  My friend Donna Conklin is the owner and a fellow glass buddy.  I take all my classes at "The Mandrel".  It is a great place to learn the skill of lampworking.  Donna always picks the cream of the crop to come teach us at "The Mandrel".  OOPS got off on a tangent there...

At this point the tiny buttons looks like this...

After annealing in a kiln, stabilizing the glass in the cooling process for durability, the headpins (called headpins and not buttons at this point) are ready to be wrapped into the button shape to be used in the "Yogi" wrap braceletes.  

Another Side Trip:  I may be changing the name to "Namaste'" braceletes.  I just can't make up my mind because my darling dog's name is Yogi and he should have a bracelet named after him.  Maybe I'll make up another bracelet or necklace and call it the "Namaste'" bracelet...or necklace.  Whew !  So, "Yogi" Wrap it remains.  Thank you for helping me make that huge decision.  How could I have even questioned it.  I hope "Yogi" didn't hear all that.  Now I feel guilty for even thinking it.  Kisses "Yogi".  Mamma wasn't present for a minute.

The next part is the hardest part for me.  Haha.  I have to make a loop and then begin wrapping the rest of the wire around and around itself forming a neat little protective chair for the button to sit in while it is being a button on a bracelet.  

I'm very particular with this wrapping process and it has to be button worthy.  I like things right, straight, neatly wrapped.  If it isn't, well, then, it just doesn't make the grade for a bracelet.  Since I love every little button I make, I take great care to wrap them perfectly so none are lost in the process.  Which would be a dog gone shame.

Viola!   The Yogi Wrap button is born and ready to become the most important security portion of it's very own bracelet.  A very important job.  The closure, so the bracelet doesn't come UNDONE and fall off an unsuspecting arm during what could be a very important conversation with a friend or foe, or just walking down the street while window shopping or worse, during a purchase right in front of a  clerk!!!!!!!!!!!!! or the PostMaster while mailing a letter.

Well, none of that will be happening here.  

This  -   ta ta ta the finished tiny little button we have come to know and love.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey into a bit of my world.  I know I babbled but it was fun for me.  Sometimes I am just a bit of a babbler too.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Clever Way to Organize Earrings

I found this article poking around on the internet and I thought you creatives might enjoy it. Maybe even make one or two or three.

If you are anything like me you have tons of earrings!!!

A Clever Way to Organize Earrings

By Yolanda Wikiel

Learn how to showcase your gold hoops, pearl drops, and crystal earrings.

Flaunt Your Jewelry

A frame lets you see the big picture when choosing which pair goes best with an outfit. Besides, isn't it a shame to keep pretty baubles tucked away when they could be adorning your dresser every day?

Do It Yourself: 3 Steps

Step 1

Gather a wooden frame (without the backing and the glass), piano wire, small eyelet hooks (two for each wire), pliers, and a ruler.

Step 2

Mark where you want each wire to hang. Screw in the eyelet hooks. Using the pliers, pull the wire taut and twist it around the hooks.

Step 3

Hang your earrings from the wires. Either mount the display on a wall or place it on a dresser.

Hope you enjoy! Of course I will need a 3' X 5' frame to begin with....;o) hearts


Friday, August 24, 2012

Obsessed - Return of the Wrap Bracelets

Obsession - I've discovered that I can use chain as well as precious gem stones to make these little wrap bracelets.  I can just sit and wrap this thread around the leather and through the chain and not think about a dog gone thing!!!  I love it...Just meditate and play around in the zone.

These little treasures go with everything - little dresses, T-shirts, jeans, cut-offs, city shorts, you name it these will dress-up whatever you choose to wear them with.

The colors are just makin' me want 'em all.  I've made a very small handmade glass button headpin with reactive frit that, in my opinion, goes with all colors and adds a touch of nature to each bracelet.   Do you think it also lends a brand to my particular wraps.  You'll only see them on MY wraps...Yea!!!  I'm branding!!!  ;o)  They are so everyday boho hip.  I wear mine everywhere all the time.  They make you feel so "Yea - that's right - it's me bein' cool - that's right - I'm cool - I'm boho cool"  haha

These are 3x wraps.  I'm going to make more that are 5x wraps as well maybe stick some beads on them with the chain.  ooooo  I like that.

The green one I've been wearing around with the blue and the purple.  Stacking them is just so "movie star".  Stacking them up both arms is especially cool.  They have really hit the scene here in Los Angeles - especially Hollywood.  Stacking, stacking stacking is where it's at.  I certainly want to be where it's at.  Now you can too!!!   Together, we can make it happen.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pan Size - That's what we called 'em in Wyoming

Remember this picture a couple of weeks ago and a promise to post the end result???

OK - Here is the finished necklace - Promised.  A few changes, I admit.  But talk about FUN!!!  This necklace just kept evolving.  First I had to find a way to make my fish a Rainbow Trout.  Which meant of course I had to add color.  hmmm  Could this be the beginning of a new medium???  Could I be getting into "alchohol inks".  Yes, I could.

Tell me what you think.  His little eyeball is enameled, then a concave washer and then a baby blue handmade headpin.    The clasp is in the front - of course, it is the hook that also attaches to the lure, handforged etched copper disk, copper tubing made into a bead, steel wire with - looks like a bit of worm to me curling up and out from the lure.  Then there is the color - handmade beautiful lampwork blue bead wrapped in clear spun glass.  Going on up a brass wire bead made using a drill and winding the wire on the bit.  Interesting...I thought so too.

The beautiful ribbons are thin pieces of "Sari Silk" - so there's your good Karma.

Oh there is even two or three ways to wear this artful find.  You can drap the silk back around your neck and let it hang down as in the pic above.  OR - if you have a flair for the dramatic - let it drape down your back over one shoulder.

I think everyone should have a "Fly Fishin" necklace...Just for Fun?  ;o)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Uprising Yoga




Suzanne Hansen and Jill Weiss
Jill Weiss, her fiance' Nick Ippolito, and I met last Sunday for 10:30am yoga at Bikram Yoga Manhattan Beach (Yea! BYMB) and after brunch at "Rock'n Fish" in Manhattan Beach, CA to get better acquainted and express our passion for "Uprising Yoga" to each other.

Jill, as the Founder of Uprising Yoga and herself a "Bikram Yoga" Instructor at BY HDQ, is pioneering this amazing non-profit organization.  She has put together a handful of talented, volunteer "BY" instructors including herself, who are going to Juvenile Hall once a week and teaching yoga to help the young people regain self respect and dignity so they can go out into the world with new hope for a better life.

This yoga practice is making a deep emotional and spiritual impact on the young people who make a choice to join in the classes.  They, for maybe the only time in their lives, are learning they are valuable, they have purpose, and they can rise above circumstances that have been beyond their control.  This yoga empowers them to see themselves as Overcomers!

Diane Stein
Jill's beautiful mom
Wearing Heart Necklace 
My goal, is to provide support for this program, through the sales of my jewelry.  I donate 40% of my sales in hopes that the program will grow beyond Los Angeles and find its way across america and into the world helping more and more children.  The fulfillment you have when you wear my jewelry is knowing that you are Rising Up to help victims of child sex trafficking.  The jewelry is an opportunity to tell someone else about the program that they may join in and support UPY as well.

I have been involved in Bikram Yoga for a relatively short period of time.  August 7, 2012 marks my practice regularly for a full year ;o).  The stability, peace of mind, strength of mind, body and soul has made such an impact on my life that I know, personally, the positive effect it can and does have on these young people.

Jill calls me Uprising Yoga's "Ambassador".  I'm honored.  I shy away from titles but this one - makes me happy.  Thank you Jill for making this program available for me to be called an "Ambassador".  I couldn't be more proud to be part of your endeavor.  I will spread the word in any way I can to help you succeed.

Namaste'      (The Spirit in Me Honors the Spirit in You)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fishin in Wyoming - Suzanne's Art Glass


Today I am putting a piece together that I've been thinking about for a long time.  Being raised in Wyoming, I have a fondness for trout fishing.  So, when I came across a way to etch this fish onto copper I became emotionally involved.  Didn't realize it at the time, so today when I started working on it again, before I knew it I was putting him/her together as a fish being drawn out of the water after being hooked on a fly fisherman's line, complete with the fishing lure and all.  I had to stop and think for a moment.  Where is this coming from?  No one will be able to relate to this necklace unless they've had the pleasure of pulling a fighting trout out of a fresh, icy cold, lively, running stream in the mountains of Wyoming.

As I looked at the incomplete compilation, I began to take myself back to Wyoming and remember what it was like to grow up in the Rocky Mountains, fishing in trout streams like it was something that everyone had experienced.  I realize now what a unique opportunity it was to be an inhabitant of such a beautiful and sparsely populated state.  I can finally appreciate the joy I experienced as a child.  I knew how to tie a fish hook onto a line along with a tiny weight that I had to bite onto the fishing line and thread a worm or "western bumblebee" on the hook or sometimes both so I could catch two at a time.   Nothing like that experience.  I don't know if it is possible to pass that kind of passion on while sharing how unimaginable the whole experience was.  Just another fish tale.  The wonderful taste of that freshly fried fish in a cast iron skillet over a campfire.  I especially loved to bite into that crispy tail.  Now, of course, I would thank the fish for giving its life that I might have food to eat...;o)

When the piece is finished I'll be sure to post pics.  I just had to share my happy and peaceful thoughts while doing my favorite thing;  creating jewelry just for you, drawing from the experiences I've had in life so far...

I'm a very blessed woman.

Peace and Love

Cosmic Earrings!!!

I am lovin getting my metalworking on...yea

Contemporary Color - simple, organic, industrial - anyway you look at it these earrings are super great.

Lightweight. dangley, fun, tempting, playful, sexy.

Hand forged enameled copper disks, industrial washers, heshie beads, and Sterling Silver hand forged ear wires.

I love them...


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jules Vern Porthole Necklace

I had a vision in Yoga this morning of this necklace. Not exactly the colors or even with this exact lampwork bead in the center. However, the final necklace turned out even better than I had envisioned.

The focal bead is one of my original lampwork lentil shapes. It turns within the Porthole window and can be worn with either side showing from the front. It turns easily inside the Porthole. If you like a more rustic Porthole view then turn it around and wear the necklace showing the other side. There are actually four different ways to wear it. Either side of the bead showing from the front or either side of the bead from the back.

The Porthole is enameled copper on the front and back.

The lampwork bead is as close to underwater 20 leagues under the sea as I've ever made. You'll feel like a mermaid while you wear it.

The piece is approximately 2" in diameter on an 18" chain. Enjoy!

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