Friday, August 31, 2012

How did that get from that????

I thought it might be fun for you to see how some of the bobbles are made in my jewelry wears.  For instance...   How does this

become a tiny little button closure on these wrap bracelets...

And so, the process begins...

I hand cut 4" pieces of steel annodized wire from a wrap of wire approximately 50' long.  Sitting at the torch the ivory stick of glass pictured is melted to around 1500+ degrees and becomes liquified.  While working with the glass in this form it is wound onto the steel wire at one end.  At the same time, the glass is shaped into a small round bead type button on the tip of the wire.  While the glass is still hot I "shmush" the glass into a little pile of glass frit [crushed glass] purchased from my favorite glass shop "The Mandrel". 

SIDE TRIP:  My friend Donna Conklin is the owner and a fellow glass buddy.  I take all my classes at "The Mandrel".  It is a great place to learn the skill of lampworking.  Donna always picks the cream of the crop to come teach us at "The Mandrel".  OOPS got off on a tangent there...

At this point the tiny buttons looks like this...

After annealing in a kiln, stabilizing the glass in the cooling process for durability, the headpins (called headpins and not buttons at this point) are ready to be wrapped into the button shape to be used in the "Yogi" wrap braceletes.  

Another Side Trip:  I may be changing the name to "Namaste'" braceletes.  I just can't make up my mind because my darling dog's name is Yogi and he should have a bracelet named after him.  Maybe I'll make up another bracelet or necklace and call it the "Namaste'" bracelet...or necklace.  Whew !  So, "Yogi" Wrap it remains.  Thank you for helping me make that huge decision.  How could I have even questioned it.  I hope "Yogi" didn't hear all that.  Now I feel guilty for even thinking it.  Kisses "Yogi".  Mamma wasn't present for a minute.

The next part is the hardest part for me.  Haha.  I have to make a loop and then begin wrapping the rest of the wire around and around itself forming a neat little protective chair for the button to sit in while it is being a button on a bracelet.  

I'm very particular with this wrapping process and it has to be button worthy.  I like things right, straight, neatly wrapped.  If it isn't, well, then, it just doesn't make the grade for a bracelet.  Since I love every little button I make, I take great care to wrap them perfectly so none are lost in the process.  Which would be a dog gone shame.

Viola!   The Yogi Wrap button is born and ready to become the most important security portion of it's very own bracelet.  A very important job.  The closure, so the bracelet doesn't come UNDONE and fall off an unsuspecting arm during what could be a very important conversation with a friend or foe, or just walking down the street while window shopping or worse, during a purchase right in front of a  clerk!!!!!!!!!!!!! or the PostMaster while mailing a letter.

Well, none of that will be happening here.  

This  -   ta ta ta the finished tiny little button we have come to know and love.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey into a bit of my world.  I know I babbled but it was fun for me.  Sometimes I am just a bit of a babbler too.



  1. Adorable buttons and most beautiful bracelets!



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