Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Clever Way to Organize Earrings

I found this article poking around on the internet and I thought you creatives might enjoy it. Maybe even make one or two or three.

If you are anything like me you have tons of earrings!!!

A Clever Way to Organize Earrings

By Yolanda Wikiel

Learn how to showcase your gold hoops, pearl drops, and crystal earrings.

Flaunt Your Jewelry

A frame lets you see the big picture when choosing which pair goes best with an outfit. Besides, isn't it a shame to keep pretty baubles tucked away when they could be adorning your dresser every day?

Do It Yourself: 3 Steps

Step 1

Gather a wooden frame (without the backing and the glass), piano wire, small eyelet hooks (two for each wire), pliers, and a ruler.

Step 2

Mark where you want each wire to hang. Screw in the eyelet hooks. Using the pliers, pull the wire taut and twist it around the hooks.

Step 3

Hang your earrings from the wires. Either mount the display on a wall or place it on a dresser.

Hope you enjoy! Of course I will need a 3' X 5' frame to begin with....;o) hearts



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Donna - I thought so too!!! This would also be a cute way to display at shows RIGHT?


  2. Great idea! Otherwise you can always find only one earring from the pair! Thanks for sharing ;)


    1. I'm always looking for the other earring!!! ;o)


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