Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jules Vern Porthole Necklace

I had a vision in Yoga this morning of this necklace. Not exactly the colors or even with this exact lampwork bead in the center. However, the final necklace turned out even better than I had envisioned.

The focal bead is one of my original lampwork lentil shapes. It turns within the Porthole window and can be worn with either side showing from the front. It turns easily inside the Porthole. If you like a more rustic Porthole view then turn it around and wear the necklace showing the other side. There are actually four different ways to wear it. Either side of the bead showing from the front or either side of the bead from the back.

The Porthole is enameled copper on the front and back.

The lampwork bead is as close to underwater 20 leagues under the sea as I've ever made. You'll feel like a mermaid while you wear it.

The piece is approximately 2" in diameter on an 18" chain. Enjoy!



  1. I missed your posts while I was away!
    Wonderful necklace!


  2. I missed your posts while you were away. Glad you are back! Thank you.



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