Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pan Size - That's what we called 'em in Wyoming

Remember this picture a couple of weeks ago and a promise to post the end result???

OK - Here is the finished necklace - Promised.  A few changes, I admit.  But talk about FUN!!!  This necklace just kept evolving.  First I had to find a way to make my fish a Rainbow Trout.  Which meant of course I had to add color.  hmmm  Could this be the beginning of a new medium???  Could I be getting into "alchohol inks".  Yes, I could.

Tell me what you think.  His little eyeball is enameled, then a concave washer and then a baby blue handmade headpin.    The clasp is in the front - of course, it is the hook that also attaches to the lure, handforged etched copper disk, copper tubing made into a bead, steel wire with - looks like a bit of worm to me curling up and out from the lure.  Then there is the color - handmade beautiful lampwork blue bead wrapped in clear spun glass.  Going on up a brass wire bead made using a drill and winding the wire on the bit.  Interesting...I thought so too.

The beautiful ribbons are thin pieces of "Sari Silk" - so there's your good Karma.

Oh there is even two or three ways to wear this artful find.  You can drap the silk back around your neck and let it hang down as in the pic above.  OR - if you have a flair for the dramatic - let it drape down your back over one shoulder.

I think everyone should have a "Fly Fishin" necklace...Just for Fun?  ;o)


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