Friday, August 24, 2012

Obsessed - Return of the Wrap Bracelets

Obsession - I've discovered that I can use chain as well as precious gem stones to make these little wrap bracelets.  I can just sit and wrap this thread around the leather and through the chain and not think about a dog gone thing!!!  I love it...Just meditate and play around in the zone.

These little treasures go with everything - little dresses, T-shirts, jeans, cut-offs, city shorts, you name it these will dress-up whatever you choose to wear them with.

The colors are just makin' me want 'em all.  I've made a very small handmade glass button headpin with reactive frit that, in my opinion, goes with all colors and adds a touch of nature to each bracelet.   Do you think it also lends a brand to my particular wraps.  You'll only see them on MY wraps...Yea!!!  I'm branding!!!  ;o)  They are so everyday boho hip.  I wear mine everywhere all the time.  They make you feel so "Yea - that's right - it's me bein' cool - that's right - I'm cool - I'm boho cool"  haha

These are 3x wraps.  I'm going to make more that are 5x wraps as well maybe stick some beads on them with the chain.  ooooo  I like that.

The green one I've been wearing around with the blue and the purple.  Stacking them is just so "movie star".  Stacking them up both arms is especially cool.  They have really hit the scene here in Los Angeles - especially Hollywood.  Stacking, stacking stacking is where it's at.  I certainly want to be where it's at.  Now you can too!!!   Together, we can make it happen.



  1. They are soooo cool! Great colours, and glass lock bead makes them special!


  2. I just love them too. So much fun to make and soooo many colors! Thank you Tatyana ;o)


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