Thursday, November 3, 2011

CHEERIO - Lampwork Glass Beads - SOLD

Cherrio everyone! Last night on Rosie, Sara Ferguson was a guest on the show. I love it whenever I get a taste of the Royals. Or in this case, ex-Royal. At any rate, I love Fergy.

This yummy set of beads just made me Cheery as I began to post the pics. I love the lilac, mmmm, cherry/rosey speckled color of these beads. I might almost even call it orchid (maybe)which is another favorite color of mine; paired with black and a hint of dry martini green is amazingly gorgeous. The character of the glass shows up loud and clear with a 3D depth in layers of clear throughout the set.


5 focals (perfect for a bracelet)

29 mm to 35 mm hole-to-hole
24 mm to 29 mm wide

Beads are about 8mm thick and wound on a 3/32 mandrel

More views posted on Etsy shortly...Enjoy!

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