Monday, February 27, 2012

Three Bracelets - Suzanne Hansen Art Glass

Yesterday was a very busy day.  I was happy with many of the beads that came out of the kiln.  I made bracelets out of three of them and am so pleased with myself that I actually made jewelry!    You go girl...;o)
Tortoise Shell Bead with Black Band and super strong magnetic closure

Tortoise Shell Bead with Lt. Olive Green Band and super strong magnetic closure
The above bracelets will go in my Etsy Shop tonight but the one below is special.  

I'll be taking a class with Bronwen Heilman in May.  I made this bracelet for myself as a tribute to Bronwen.  I will not sell it because it is a copy of the bead she has on the cover of the book I bought of hers when I first started making beads.  I love her style and just fell in love with the originality of the beads on the cover necklace like this one.  So Bronwen, whenever I wear this bracelet I will be thinking of you!  Maybe some of your mojo will wear off on me.  I hope so.

See you in May at "The Mandrel" in Redondo Beach, CA!

Hugs Suzanne


  1. Adorable bracelets! I love the rose one most :)


  2. It's my favorite also. I have two smaller beads I will be making into earrings. Thank you Tantyana !


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