Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Suzanne - What is a Newspaper? Black/White and Read all over...

This is a fabulous set of 3 focal beads, one larger than the other two, 6 matching speckled red spacer beads (one of which is a double bead) and 18 purchased small black interest beads. The red is a really pretty blue red. No orange in it at all.

This set could easily be broken up into a vivacious pendant and matching bracelet and earrings to match. Oh what you can do with just a few great matching lamp work beads.

(Approx Measurements)

Smallest - 37 mm from hole-to-hole x 21 mm wide
Largest - 45 mm from hole-to-hole x 26 mm wide

This set will be on Etsy shortly. Cross on over and take a peek if you like.

Hugs - Suzanne
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