Saturday, May 14, 2011

Family of Hearts - Glass Lampwork Focal Beads

A "Family of Hearts" was born yesterday. My friend Judith, also has a son named Adam, is an artist living in the Palm Springs Desert. He has done an amazing work of art for the Heart Museum called "Heartland". Please take some time to go to the website to read the story of how the museum came into being, how it is built and how the museum is interactive with its visitors. It reminds me a lot of our "Beads of Courage" project for kids with life threatening diseases.

Her Adam is having a show in Beverly Hills today so I will be attending and I'm certain I will be greatly inspired. I'm looking forward to meeting Judith's Adam and shaking his hand for a wonderful piece of art the museum "Heartland" has become because of him and his amazing team.

All I could think of yesterday was HEARTS. So naturally - out of me came HEARTS which I love to do, by the way, really my favorite thing to do. I should then keep doing them my "heart" says...they make me smile.

I will display these one at a time, in my Etsy shop so you will be seeing them on a regular basis now...haha.

Love you and have a great day. - Suzanne

My "Heart" goes out to you.

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