Thursday, May 5, 2011

Other World Lilies - Lampwork Focal Bead

I could feel myself drifting off on this bead and suddenly felt as if I were in another world designing lilies that were not like the lilies I've ever seen - but hope to see again.

Then I turned the bead to the side and low and behold it became a fish - what is happening before my eyes?

Decide for yourself. What do you see?

Gabe said - why don't you make a koala bear like that? Koala Bear! Then I turned it on end and knew just what he saw..haha The magic of handmade lampwork beads.

Check out My Etsy site for more views mentioned above.  Maybe you'll see what we saw...maybe you'll see something else.

At any rate - Enjoy the day!



46 mm tall, body at widest part of body 23 mm, 13 mm thick

Mandrel hole from end to end 2 mm
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