Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Goodness - What's that growing in my fridge???

Ha Ha - I opened the fridge after a trip Gabe and I made to the Farmer's Market here in Mar Vista on Sunday and was overtaken by a jungle of basil, spring onions, cilantro, a container of greens for the green shake in the mornings, parsley, some fancy lettuce, asparagus, farm fresh free range brown eggs - it goes on and on.

Tell me now, what do you think?  Are we getting healthy or what.  I'm drinking almost a gallon of Kangen Alkaline water a day and my energy levels are soaring.  I love it!!

Also a couple of pics of what's been cookin for dinner in the Hansen household lately.  Looks like only one pic..

Wow ! the fridge

Fresh homemade Pesto and Linguini

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