Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Psychi - Handmade Glass Lampwork Bead

I was so surprised when Psychi came out of the kiln this morning. Using 'Double Helix' glass the blue areas is the encased in clear areas only. It gives the effect of having used shards. I love it!

This bead has great depth due to the extra encasing and the colors and hues are breathtaking. Visit my Etsy sight for more views if you like.

Yummy, just yummy. As you probably figured out by now, I love all my beads...haha

I handmade the murrine's yesterday as well. They are the little flowers with the stripes in them. They are so fun to make and I, also, never know exactly how they will turn out until I place them on a bead. I used double helix glass so each murrine will be different colors on each bead. Loads of fun for me. ;o)

Measurements: 56 x 26 (at the widest part) x 12 mm
Mandrel: 3/32

Enjoy and thanks for looking...Hugs Suzanne
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