Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blue Twistie Glass Lampwork Bead

I couldn't have made this bead turn out like this if I'd tried. She just wanted to be who she is. I'm a little teapot, maybe. She almost went into the water pot before she became who she is because I honestly didn't know what to do with a bead that was having a mind of its own. She turned out beautiful and I'm hoping she will find her way to a jewelry artist who appreciates her soul.

Such a pretty girl...

I can see her dangling simply on a long sterling ball chain.  She is kiln annealed for extra durability and made of Effetre glass and has a layer of clear for added depth.

Freeform Glass Bead.  A definate coversation piece.

Enjoy ! She will be on Etsy tonight.


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