Saturday, April 16, 2011

Girl, Parrot, Cross and Wonky

Hi All, I wanted something fun, colorful, spiritual, whimsical. I think this fits the description. These beads are for sale in my Etsy Shop which just been reopened. Please forgive me if you have been checking my blog and haven't seen anything new for quite a while. Or anything at all for that matter. Now that my new shop is set up in Venice, CA I can resume my passion for beads and share with you as new beads are hatched from the kiln each day. Enjoy!!!!! Hugs Suzanne
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  1. I guess you have seen my necklace at the Pismo - seems you liked it a lot.


  2. Manuela - hi - I just found out where to see the comments people leave on my blog and was very surprised to see yours from way back in June. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Your work is so inspiring still to me - you are sooo out of my league and sooo talented.

    I recently took a class on enamels from JC Herrell and have fallen in love with them. Maybe what you told me in the beginning is really happening to me. Maybe I am on the brink of finding my own style.

    Please take a look at my Etsy site and some of my blog beads to have a look see. Tell me what you think, if you will. I'm hoping that one day we will meet so I can give you a big kiss and a hug for inspiring me to be my own person and develop my own style. I'm working on it.

    Yes - I did love your necklace at the Pismo. All of your work keeps me in awe. I just think you are ultra cool. Pray that God will open His windows of talent for me so I can follow in your footsteps branching off in a wonderful style of my own. That would make me the happiest person in the world. To make beads that bring others so much joy

    Much love to you and thank you for continuing to be loving and kind toward me even though it must just irk you every time you see me make something that looks quite a bit like yours. It is only a cheap immitation and everybody knows it. I'm not fooling anyone. I hope one day that newbies will copy my work. If it weren't for the masters how will the apprentices learn.

    Admire you so much.



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