Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A tribute to Tai Chi

Tai Chi -

Although our time together was short, I've never known a more unconditional mutual admiration.

 No judgment, only acceptance, no hurt feelings, only adoration, never sorrow, always joy.  Silky hair next to my face, a warm embrace with your foot aptly placed.  The butterfly kisses you gave as you walked on by - on the back of my legs, just to let me know you were there.

I loved how you'd come lay in one of your baskets just to be near as I made some beads.  You'd lay there for hours and not even tell me to hurry up and get done.  But, wait patiently until I cleaned up my shop and turned off the gas.  Then we'd begin our evening together watching TV and sometimes eat popcorn.

You shook your little gray dog til the cows came home - rrrr rrrr your little roar.  You chased up and down the halls of our apartment building making me laugh as you slid into home plate.  We were so happy together making our home filled with laughter, love and peace.  The way you would stop when you were through walking.  It was either pick me up or forget about it.  The first time I ever heard you bark, I couldn't believe it was you.  You were so afraid of everything - I think it even scared you.  That little bark was so adorable I knew you felt at home and were safe enough to let yourself be known.

It was a while before I knew you were sick.  Maybe two years, after we'd become so thick.  The doc said you had kidney disease and that the end usually came pretty quick.  I began to worry when you wouldn't eat.  You lost so much weight and slept nearly all the time.  A little over a year since diagnosed you became sicker and didn't find much joy in the things that used to make you laugh.  But, I held on, thinking my nursing and loving would keep you with me, forever.  Then you lost your sight in the one good eye you had.  Quite a blow and I knew it hurt you, but I didn't give up.  Found a medication to keep it in tow.  I think you could see a little.  But, your little blue eye - lost its glow.

When the pain was too much, for both you and I, I knew it was unfair to keep you here any longer.  The love that we knew said I had to let go.  So I did, today.

Now I remember how precious our time together was.  I will never forget and look forward to seeing you again in much greener pastures for each of us.  I will carry you here and carry you there and laugh and play with you once again.  We are joined at the hip my little darling.  So have fun while you're waiting for me to come home and join you.  Learn where all the good places are to go so you can show me.  Once again I'll feel your warm silky hair on my neck and the butterfly kisses on the back of my legs, just to let me know that you are there.

I love you my darling, my sweetie, my baby, Tai Chi.  Thank you for what you've done for me.  Sent by God for such a short time.

Til we meet again have fun little one
With the greatest known love

Your mamma

P.S.  Find out where the best peanutbutter is made in heaven.  I can't wait to give you your first heavenly bite of your favorite treat.


  1. that's beautiful mom, he was a great little guy, me and jersey are happy to have been in his life. love you mom

  2. Feel much better having written it. I just love that little kid.


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