Monday, December 12, 2011

PERIWINKLE HEAVEN - Set Lampwork Beads

I think Periwinkle is not only my favorite color, it is also my favorite word to speak.  "Periwinkle" haha, makes me chuckle or gives me an emotional lift whenever I say the word.  Wearing Periwinkle does the same thing.  There is something about the color that is calming yet witty.  Like it's holding a happy little secret for us.

This little set of beads holds two new shapes for me.  Disks and rounds.  I am having so much fun making  and decorating them.  

On a side note, today it is raining in sunny California.  So, I have to find an alternative method to dip and dry my mandrels.  Usually I hang them upside down on a line next to the lemon tree under the climbing red blossomed bush (don't know the name).  That way the mud slides down the mandrel to the tip and then drops off.  As opposed to down the handle and drying in a big lumpy clump.  It's ok if you can't picture that.  With that in mind - looking forward to what comes out of the kiln tomorrow to show you.

Thanks for stopping by today.



  1. Beautiful beads - colour is so lovely and fresh!


  2. Thank you so much Tatyana. I just love it too. ;o)



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