Sunday, December 4, 2011

I promised I'd show you...

I promised no matter what they looked like I'd show you today the results of my practice.

Funny, it seemed as though when I was making these I was only doing scrolls and curved lines.  Now, when I look at them I see LOTS OF DOTS.  But, if you look closely, you might be able to see some pre -T- EE  amazing scrolls too.  (Since I love baby blue and purple, naturally, it wouldn't matter to me if they had anything on them at all.) Lie.  

Over all, I'm pretty happy.  They are 1) shiny 2) round 3)  glass 4) not broken or cracked (although one was - it is not in the picture.  It is in the emergency room but it's not looking good).  Perhaps it can be turned into  a nice looking ArtClay Silver ring!  Who am I kidding.  Much more practice needed before that is going to happen any time soon.  Oh and did I mention, a Lapidary (SAW) Grinder?  was NOT one of the tools I ordered as a result of the class with Claudia.  I'm around $600 to $800 short at the present.  Gotta sell a lot of beads to bring that into reality.  I'm pulling on it though...;o)  one of these days it will come popping into my studio as miraculously as all the other tools I have.  God is always on our side.

 These are rounds from 11.5mm to 16.5mm.  I made them on 3/32 mandrels  there are a few teardrop beads as well as some regular sized decorated spacers.

Let me know what you think.  I'll keep practicing.


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