Friday, December 23, 2011

Ring Toppers - NEW

Hi All, I finally put my "courage" hat on last night and finished off the evening making a ring topper. I've had the supplies for a couple of months now but I was just afraid to try it. I imagined a glob of glass with no shape and a ruined little bolt under the glass stuck to the glass and not working after spending "my precious time" on something I wanted to be extra cool.

Well, I'm not so disappointed.  As a matter of fact I am wearing it right now and I love it. I'm recently into (besides "Periwinkle") polka dots. They are just making me so happy. So here you go. My first ring topper! viola ! I love it because it is BIG and GLASS and Periwinkle. haha

Let me know what you think..they can only get better.  ;o)

Love you and Merry 23rd of December. The Eve before Christmas Eve. Yes, I'll celebrate anything any chance I get.


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