Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wings on Fire - Handmade Glass Lampwork Bead

Yesterday I sat down just to have fun with my beads. I worked and worked sculpting little pieces I could fuse in the flame to whatever bead I came up with. Since I share both my haps and mishaps in my blog - well, here is a definite mishap. Must be the co efficiency (COE) of the yellow or orange glass I am using. Seems as though whenever I use it the glass cracks right down the middle of the bead. As you can see. It's really not rocket science. I shouldn't use it again - right? Duh

I got to use my new philosophy which is "You get what you get. So, don't be upset". It worked and today I will try, try again with a new bead. You can borrow my new philosophy. (It's free) See how it goes for you! ;-)

Later then - this one will not be going up in my Etsy Shop....haha

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