Friday, June 24, 2011

DoodleBee Bird - Handmade Glass Lampwork Beads - Set

Almost a Road Runner !! Picture this little guy running across the desert in Palm Springs. Lickety Split. A little bit of a KooKoo. There are four matching disk spacer beads included in this set. Both sides of the bead are decorated with my own handmade murrini and then magnified with a dollop of clear over the top forming a trapped air bubble in the center. The entire focal bead is encased in clear giving a many layered effect and depth.

This little bird is a picture painted with glass on glass. The intricate hair fine stringers are applied using heat control at the edge of the flame. What an art to master. I've been working on it for two years. I'm obsessed with it as a matter of fact !

I used to tole paint with oils on tin/wood objects back in the 70's.  I was infatuated and mastered the fine detailed scrolling with expensive little natural hair paint brushes with only a few hairs in the brush. The correct mixture of thinning agents and paint had to be met before a delicate and continuous line cold be drawn. I'm drawn to that type of detailing with glass as well. So, the more I decorate my beads with these hair fine glass stringers the more expert I become with the process.

The beads are all wound on a 3/32 mandrel and are about 10 mm thick.  The hole runs lengthwise through the focal bead.

Enjoy and thank you for shopping with me.

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