Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ShowCase at Bikram Yoga Manhattan Beach

Such a long time since posting - I've been working on my new website and pulling most of my hair out by the roots.  Ha ha.  Making some new designs with my lentil beads and was happy to take a new set in to the Yoga studio today.

This matching set is with my lampwork beads, leather cording and silver African Trade Beads. I've handmade the closure of steel wire and earwires are hand formed silver wire.  This is a 'pure' artisan set.  Nothing manufactured in China here !!!  Totally made in the USA.

It looks beautiful on the counter where practicing yogi's sign in for class.  Kudos to Tiffany, owner of Manhattan Beach Bikram Yoga Studio, for her belief in and support of this artisan jewelry designer.  It is so nice to have good solid peeps who believe in you.  I told her today her belief in me as an artist is making me soar to new heights.  And that, is the truth.  She is such a high powered YOGI !!!  I love you Tiffany!

My goodness, got lost in my praise there for a moment.  I AM calling this necklace set "I AM Centered".  The upper half of the lampwork bead is a lovely silvered glass that shimmers burgundy and cloudy whispers of ivory with blueish undertones.  The lower half is silvered ivory with a twist right in the middle joining both top and bottom with lapis - blue - dots encasing the twist.  Well, let me say, it is just beautiful.

Have a great day!


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