Monday, October 8, 2012

I AM Playful - It's a Necklace - No - It's a Ring


This is such a PIECE with a Topsy Turvey Playful attitude. Not only is it a pendant on a ball chain - it is also a size 8 ring !! WAY... I love this piece. It has two of my lampwork beads. One disk shaped specialized silvered glass bead on top of the pendant or the bottom of the ring. And one ruby red round lampwork bead balancing on top the silvered disk. Also an enameled headpin hanging loosely from the bottom or again top !! 

Set comes with the copper 17" ball chain for use as the pendant.

All beads are separated by hand cut and burnished, etched, domed and antiqued copper disks. 16 gauge copper wire also antiqued forming the bail or in this case also the ring shank.

All for so much fun depending on your mood for the day. Wear it as a necklace or as a ring.

The necklace/ring comes in a gift box ready to be wrapped by you for giving. A card with regard to the artisan (me) is also included. ;o)



  1. Wow, great idea - two in one :)
    And so beautiful too!


  2. ;o) Always something new to play with. Thank you Tatyana. I'm glad you like it. Did it make you smile???

  3. Oh yes! And the red colour has such a lovely tone!


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