Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yogi of the Month

Excerpt from Manhattan Beach Bikram Yoga Newsletter...

"Yogi of the Month"
Suzanne Hansen

Suzanne embodies the yoga spirit, she donates a portion of her jewelry sales to Uprising Yoga, a non-profit that brings yoga to youth in juvenile hall. Congratulations Suzanne!

A letter from Suzanne: After graduating from high school in late sixties I packed my bags and headed for San Francisco where all my hard work had earned me a scholarship at the San Francisco School of Ballet. Yahoo ! I loved dancing with all my heart but coming from a small town in Wyoming when I arrived in San Francisco, wild eyed and bushy tailed, there was a whole lot more going on than ballet. Haight Ashbury was calling my name and before I knew it I was a flower child instead of a ballerina. 

After years being away from ballet and raising a family, my husband passed away from cancer and I was suffering from depression. I found I had left a part of me on the dance floor that gave me an inner strength and independence I no longer enjoyed. 

My, now 33 year old youngest, son suggested I take a Bikram Yoga class with him. He said, "If you like it mom, I know it will be so good for you." From day one I was smitten. I couldn't breath, my face was beet red, pride was all that was keeping me in the room. My mind was going crazy "What's wrong with you? You can't even stand on one leg for more than 2 seconds; You used to be able to do that; for crying out loud - you used to balance on your toes and leap over skyscrapers at the jump of a hat." I couldn't run out of the room because my son was standing next to me. "With bulldog determination something rose up inside me that said "I CAN DO THIS".

It didn't come overnight that I could catch a glimpse of myself in the front mirror when I twist into a pretzel, or that I could raise my leg in standing bow above my head, I still can't hold it there for long ;o), or that I could hold camel for a full minute. Each time I come to class, I do the best I can and I'm seeing something in myself I haven't seen for, well, 40+ years.
Depression is gone, low energy has been replaced by high energy and I'm accomplishing things I wouldn't even let myself dream about BBY (before Bikram Yoga) to coin a phrase. I just finished the 30 day challenge and I'm so proud of myself that I bought a new Yoga outfit as a reward. (I feel pretty snazzy).

I'm so grateful to be a part of the Manhattan Beach Bikram Yoga family because that is truly what it has become. I have new hope for a very bright future. Thank you from the bottom of my Yogi heart. 


  1. Beautiful and touching story...
    I'm proud with you!
    Hope to see much more great achievements!


  2. Thank you so much Tatyana! kisses to you


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