Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Implosions - Great Fun

Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long.  I was busy buying and reading tutorials as I'd come to a stand still with myself in creating anything new with my beads.  And, I was bored.  I needed more information.  I knew just where to go to get it.  Some of my favorite artists, from time to time, share their knowledge in the form of tutorials of how they do what they do.  Someday, I believe I'll be writing tutorials too, but for now, I'll trust those who have been in this business much much longer than I and are very very successful.  No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel.  Learn from those who have gone before and gleen what you can.  Put it all together and come up with something no one has done yet - in this century anyways.  ;o)

So I'm having a go at implosions on beads.  I bought a tutorial by Sherry Bellamy because I was so intrigued by her fabulous beads which look like "other worldly" is the only way I know how to put it.  If you look closely at the clear side of the beads above you can "almost" see a flower coming from the solid side of the bead or you may see a glob of color which is the flower I am talking about.  Haha

The first couple of tries I didn't have enough clear glass on the implosions to nest it into the bead so it looks like I've used a shard.  PPP makes perfect.  Anyway, I thought you might enjoy my latest adventure in the world of bead making.



  1. They are beautiful! It's so interesting to see someone's experiments and new ways of making!


  2. I so agree Tatyana. One persons ideas takes another person to a whole other level in their work.



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