Monday, April 9, 2012

Chan Luu Inspired Bracelet

This is my very first Chan Luu inspired ladder bracelet. Chan Luu is Vietnamese and came to the US after the Vietnam War in the 60's.  She took a trip to India and found the East Indian's wearing these handmade wrap bracelets.  She brought the idea to the US and Hollywood fell in love with them.  The "Stars" are all wearing them.  Jennifer Anniston, Gisele Bunchen, etc.  They sell for anywhere from $150 for a single wrap bracelet to well over $300 for triple wrap such as mine depending upon the gemstone beads or crystals they are made with.  Chan Luu is now a multi-millionairess!  You go Chan.

I chose to be different by using various lengths of silver and copper beads.  This is a pretty heavy bracelet, which I like.  The button is lampwork glass made by me and inspired by the pods I learned to make in Sara Sally LaGrand's class a couple of months ago.  The armature is leather and the thread is blue matching the button better than the picture shows.

I'll be keeping this one for myself, because... I love it.  It feels good on my wrist and makes me feel "snazzy".  ;o)

Thanks for taking a peek at what's new in the creative zone with Suzanne.  Below is a picture of a Chan Luu bracelet just in case you have no idea what I'm going on and on about.  Her's are pretty cool.  The one below is turquoise and semi precious stones and $325.

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  1. Lovely and original bracelet!
    Thanks for sharing the story about Chan Luu!



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