Friday, April 20, 2012

Bracelet/Necklace Time - Good News

Hi All,  my computer crashed earlier this week and I've been, stopped in my tracks, offline until today.  There is still something wrong with it so it will go in again and I'll be away for another little while.  The goods news is I'm staying very busy while I'm computer-less...

Also, this is so great news, my Bikram Yoga Studio in Manhattan Beach, CA, thanks to owner Tiffany Amelia Rhodes-Friedman, will be carrying my necklaces and bracelets for purchase.  She is such a cool Yogi!  I love her and this is wonderful opportunity to bring my art into a "Very Classy" spa-like space.  Thank you Tiffany !   Tiffany has definitely placed her badge of excellence on the purchase and rennovation of the Bikram Yoga Manhattan Beach Studio.  Check it out  and if you live in the area - you cannot find a more superior studio to practice your Bikram Yoga than right here.  So come by and let them know you found them here on my blog. :o)

With that said, the first of the BYMB bracelet/necklaces is featured here.  I am having so much fun creating these wrap bracelets.  Each has it's own OOAK lampwork glass button closure created, of course, by me.  This bracelet is 28" long and wraps four times around your wrist.  It can also be worn as a necklace with the button closure in the front - or in the back.  Your choice.  I love them !!!  What do you think.


This beauty is black leather cording, Silver African Trade Beads, Real Turquoise and one of a kind, handmade by me, glass, lampwork button closure.  The closure has been specifically created for this bracelet/necklace. 

The cost will vary depending on the type and number of gemstones used as well as the length of the bracelet/necklace.  

I will be creating single and double wraps too.

The gemstones are of the highest quality and specifically chosen because of their size and shape for use in the bracelets.

I hope you like them.  I wear mine everyday and it makes me feel connected to the energy and vibration of the natural stones, earthy metals and glass.  My day just seems to go better when I'm reminded of the beauty of nature and the Power of the Universe.



  1. Great news about your bracelets and necklaces - good luck, my friend!


  2. Thank You Tatyana. You are very sweet. Now, my little fingers have to get busy busy busy. ;o)



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