Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Yogi Wrap" Amazonite with Handmade Lampwork Glass Button Closure

 Amazonite Meaning – Magical Amazonite Properties

  • Amazonite is excellent for balancing feminine and masculine energy
  • If you are an artist, this is the must have stone for you
  • Use it to increase kindness and become a more practical thinker
  • Develop your sixth sense and increase psychic powers
  • Build self-esteem and realize your hopes and desires

Amazonite Meaning – Amazonite Healing Powers
  • Amazonite is said to have preventative energy that is good for maintaining general health
  • Treat heart problems and metabolic disorders
  • Increase stamina and ease cramp and stress
  • Use its calming effect to correct mood swings and come to terms with grief
  • Relieve tension by placing it on the back and neck
Below you’ll find more on amazonite meaning including amazonite gemstone color, amazonite chakra information, amazonite birthstone and zodiac…
Amazonite Gemstone Color
Green, Blue-Green
Amazonite Metaphysical Chakra Classification
Throat and Heart Chakra
Amazonite Gemstone Zodiac Star Sign
Where is Amazonite Found?
Madagascar, South-West Africa, Brazil, former Soviet Union, USA


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