Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blue Lace Agate Ladder Bracelet

This Blue Lace Agate Bracelet is very simple, elegant and something you can wear everyday.  Just don't ever take it off.  With time, the leather becomes very supple and will form to your arm.  The glass button I made for it is two parts.  The little flower pod and the stamen are two separate pieces.  The stamen is made in the flame on the actual copper wire that is through the flower bead and bent into the wire that attaches to the bracelet making the button closure.  Amazing how the glass perfectly matches the  gemstones in the bracelet.  It is so feminine.

I like wearing the button on the front of my hand instead of to the back of my wrist.  For one thing, as glass it is safer (it will break if knocked on something hard, dropped on tile or crushed in some way or another.)  Although, it has been annealed in the kiln overnight which greatly increases durability.

Blue Lace Agate - What are the benefits of wearing this bracelet on a daily basis?

Blue-Lace Agate

This agate sings the song of the ocean, and so is associated with emotions, and shifting tides. Blue-Lace effects the throat chakra and helps you to speak calmly and effectively. It would greatly benefit writers, speakers, and singers.  Blue-lace agate can help you experience extremely high spiritual spaces, and attain inner-attunement.  Meditate with blue-lace agate to experience the qualities of flight, air, and grace.  Blue-lace agate can stimulate high frequency awareness.
Physically, blue-lace agate helps arthritis, the skeletal structure, and it benefits nervous system and capillary blocks.  The pancreas, and digestive glands are aided, as are the brain and eyes.
Blue-lace agate is associated with the throat chakra and the crown chakra.  


  1. I love the stone character science!
    And your bracelet is so fresh - wonderful combination!


  2. Thank You Tatyana. Each gemstone has it's very own character, like a person, or a best friend to help you out on your journey. I love it too...



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