Saturday, March 24, 2012

Curved Beads to Show You !

Finally I can show you some of the beads I made during the Curved Bead Workshop last weekend.  I am extremely happy with this one and the one below which I am wearing right now !

I very simply strung it on silk cording and used a matching bead as a button closure.  I love this one too.

Below is the blue one that I think turned out stunning as well.  Thank goodness for great glass colors.  This one is an alabaster blue (which I'd never worked with before)  I did have to burn off some soot in a more oxidizing flame because I naturally tried to boil it to death before realizing it doesn't have to be THAT hot Suzanne.  Despite me, it came out of the kiln alive and kickin' it.

I think I'll have a great time making many more of these in the future.  It was a fun class.  I also learned to make a puffy bead (hollow bead) with a blow hose and hollow mandrel with a hole in it.  A new technique to me as well.  Show you more of those later.

Hugs - gonna hit the hay... xoxox



  1. Yay! Nicely done! And thank for letting me steal your color combo!

  2. You deserve it ! I am more than happy to be a part of your success. "If you can figure it out - it's yours". I am so pulling for you to bring home the rewards of your PERFECT work ! xoxo


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