Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Amigos - Lampwork Glass Beads

These three came out of the kiln this morning much to my amazement in one piece and I really liked them. Something different. The Dragon Flies are encircling the bead which I haven't seen done by anyone as of yet. So I guess I will call this my design. Has a nice ring to it - don't you think? Struggling for my identity obviously.

They are rather long which makes them nice for a side piece in a longer necklace or, naturally, as a focal bead in a more elaborate piece.

Wound on 3/32 mandrel - that is what those pieces of metal are out the top and bottom. When the bead is removed from the mandrel that's where the hole comes from! Who knew how they got that hole in the bead?

The Dragon Fly on the right is of silvered glass and very pretty but hard to catch on camera (besides being a littttle bit out of focus). The two on the outside are nice and organic looking. Both have silvered glass in the body of the bead.

Approximate measurements from left to right

74 x 18 mm
62 x 17 mm
76 x 16mm

Thanks for taking a peek and have a lovely day. xoxo Suzanne

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