Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dragonfly - Suzannes Lampwork Beads

The Dragonfly encourages us to live by the motto,

"Let there be light."

Learning to use the light force and the life force will inspire your imagination and creativity. The beautiful jewel-like colors of the Dragonfly are a reminder that we too are beings of light and need to allow our own true colors to shine through.

Kerri Fuhr, master bead maker/teacher, makes the most awesome Dragonfly beads ever. She has a tutorial for sale on Etsy on her technique so I purchased. I've done nothing but make dragonflies over the last three days. Above you can see my progress (I hope). Still I'm not satisfied and I think it will take me another week to have something I can actually be proud of. I'll post my progress again at that time.

I must say I am thoroughly enjoying this endeavor. However, easy, is not exactly how I would describe the adventure. First of all, Kerri has been making beads for over 10 years. So my meezely little two years hardly makes a dent in the years of practice making perfect she already has in the oven. I can only hope to come up with a dragonfly that I can be proud of at my skill level. The blue one on the right is among the first attempts after the tutorial purchase. The one on the right - I might be getting someplace now. Keep tuned in - should be fun to see where I'm at by next week.  All I have to do is:

1.  Hold my tongue right
2.  Pat my stomach with my hand while I
3.  Rake through molten glass and
4.  Have it actually end up on the bead where I want it
5.  Hold my breath until the bead slides into the kiln
6.  Take it out of the kiln in the morning and not have a single crack in it

We'll see how it goes (chuckle)

xoxo hugs

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