Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venus Blossom - Lampwork Ring Topper

This one has me in a trance. I keep looking at it - can't take my eyes off it.   A beautiful conversation piece, edgy, zen like. This is for the ring top only. I love it!  This ring is one-of-a-kind and will never be exactly replicated.

The bubble in the middle is exquisite/magical.   It will take you on an imaginary trip to somewhere in the universe. Who knows - you may recognize where it is from and tell me.   Please do!

I have a rather petite hand and wear a size 5 ring on my ring finger. So you may be able to gauge by that how it will look on your hand.  It measures approximately 1.5" from top to bottom and across at the widest point.

The thread on the bolt which attaches to the ring base is 2.5mm.

Get ready for attention from every direction while you are wearing this whimsical ring for evening/daytime.


More tomorrow - lots of love and hugs from me to you !

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  1. Intriguing and beautiful ring! Really one of the kind!


  2. Thank you Tatyana. Getting away from the expected leads to new dimensions. I'm glad you like it.



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