Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anticipation - Lampwork Ring Topper

Hello my friends...;o)

I am so anticipating the Sara Sally LaGrand Workshop at "The Mandrel" in Redondo Beach, CA (where I essentially take all my classes - Donna Conklin (owner) invites the MOST fabulously talented instructors from all around the world to teach at her shop). I've been working on disks, pods, etc. like I mentioned because this is what Sara Sally will teach. This is so my weird sense of beauty and it is such a creative and fun way to catch up with your mind before it realizes you've been on its trail. In other words, try to catch yourself by surprise being creative!!!

Yesterday, I made colorful disk after disk that I thought would look fancy as what I'm calling...Conversation Piece Changeable System Dinner Rings for the Courageous of Heart - Eye-catching, Spirited, Beautiful.  My first thinking out of the box design for the New Year!

The above is an example and the others need to be put together still. I'll show you more pics later (if they look ok..). What do you think???

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  1. Fantastic! So beautiful and original ring!



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