Friday, February 12, 2010

Trip Nearing the End

Well - I've been in Southern California for nearly two weeks. The rest has been incredible. Finally - sunny weather. The rest of my stay will be in 70-75 degree weather.

I've researched and re-researched my favorite bead artists methods and come up with some amazing discoveries. I can hardly wait to return home and sit before my torch once again.

I'll be working at Pratt for the next few months on the next auction catalogue, but only part time.

I'm trying to decide what class I should be signing up for in March. Leaning toward the flameworking class to learn more about glass itself than making beads. We'll see.

This weekend it's off to Costa Mesa (the beach) and then on the my youngest son Gabe's (the stunt/actor) to stay until Wednesday in Venice Beach. Looking foward to spending time with him. He is a darling.

Home on Wednesday when my oldest son (another sweetheart) Adam will pick me up from the airport and cart me back home.

Later then, from sunny California! xoxo

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