Thursday, June 28, 2012

ECLIPSE - Lampwork and Forged Copper Necklace

Hi All,

Today's work is a combination of yesterday's work and my newly acquired metalsmithing skills.

I've always loved making my lampwork disks but just wasn't sure what to do with them other than make earrings and because I had no jewelry making skills, almost whatsoever, I didn't know how to be creative with them other than hanging them on ready made ear wires from Michaels.  Not that that is bad.  It just isn't where I want to be at this point.  I want handmade "sterling silver" metalsmithed by me ear wires now.  I'm so proud to have kicked it up a knotch.  BAMMMM!  ;o)

These disks are made with a special Double Helix glass that turns colors in the flame called "Raku" (beautiful - much more beautiful than in the picture).  I rolled the edges in another color changing frit and Viola!  these beauties emerged.

Now - out comes my 14 gauge, pure copper, wire which I hand antiqued.  I drew a bead on each end of the wire after threading on heshie beads to hold the wire in place in between the lampwork disks.  Then I began twisting and pounding the wire for a beautiful branchlike effect.  Bent the wire lop sided so the disks would hang uneven and the necklace immediately reminded me of the rare eclipse of the Sun and Venus recently.  I couldn't resist naming the necklace to commemorate this fantastic happening in our Universe.  I hope you all caught a glimpse of it.

I'm a happy camper today because I also took my California driver's license written test and PASSED the first time.....Now, I can continue with my life.  haha



  1. Suzanne, it's fantastic! So beautiful!
    And congrats on your driver's licence :)


  2. English and European art glass is well represented by names like Webb, Stevens and Williams, Lalique, Daum, Galle, Baccarat, Val St. Lambert, and Venetian glass from Murano.

    Art Glass MA

  3. Thank you Tatyana - on both counts...;o)


  4. Thank you Mac. Very impressive.



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