Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

Two wonderful things happened this weekend. Mom and I drove to La Conner, WA to have Scott Bowens at Bearfoot Art Glass where I buy my bead tools, take a look at my bead spinner. After a year of use - 6-8 hours per day making beads it started making some noises and moves that weren't allowing me complete freedom to make beautiful beads. Scott fixed my bead spinner, thank you Scott, love you, and mom and I had a wonderful lunch at the La Conner Waterfront Cafe and Scott loved my beads enough to offer me the opportunity to sell in his new shop on main street in his fabulously artsy glass art shop in this fabulously artsy tourist town. Win - Win. I'm so excited. He is offering a showcase of my beads in his already internationally known shop both online and locally.

Then, on Saturday and Sunday I signed up at Pratt Fine Arts School in downtown Seattle for a PMC (Precious Metal Clay) class to learn what the possibilities are for incorporating this clay into my glass beads. Well, the possibilities are endless, although the pictures I'm showing are simple, to say the least, but gave me the tools needed to begin implementing the fine silver clay into my glass beads. I'm very excited about this material and believe it will give my beads, if only adding my own personal tag to each bead I make (which will make them collectible as well as beatiful) it is totally worth the class in a non-air conditioned room with torches going, etc... Enjoy the pics and use your imagination  ;o)   !!!!


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  1. Suzanne!!! The addition of the precious metal clay should add a whole new world to your bead making. I'm excited for you. Your new 'birdie' friends are phenominal. Love 'ya Nat

  2. I hear nothing but wonderful comments about your beautiful beads. To see some of your work someday is in my plan.


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