Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wyoming BFF's

My girlfriend Ginger just visited from my home town, Sheridan, Wyoming. We had a grand time together including her husband Randy, a stunningly amazing water color artist. Ginger ordered two sets of beads for BFF's D'Ann and Cathy back in Sheridan and the one in the middle for herself.  I think she would have bought beads for everyone in town if she could have - we had so much fun touching and holding them in the sunlight next to the window..."ooooo ahhhh.  I like this one" Ginger said, "I like that one." Randy chimed in.   Too bad I'm so expensive....haha

I had a blast wiring them up with my own handmade glass headpins and am shipping them off to Ginger tomorrow for delivery to D'Ann and Cathy. I hope you enjoy wearing them my dear, sweet, forever friends. Not only will you think of Ginger's thoughtfulness and love for you when you wear them, but also the joy it gives me knowing they belong to you. 

Hugs to all three of you and - oh - you too Randy!!!  Thanks for the wonderful visit from my very deep roots in Sheridan.

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