Friday, March 26, 2010

Fish Fish - here fishie fishie

Manuela Wutschke is my inspiration and secret mentor ;-). I love her beads so much. Go to her website and buy her beads!!! She is an incredible Glass Artist. This bird is her trademark...I'm copying big time. I hope she can forgive me - when you are a newbie all you can do is copy the Masters - right?


  1. You made me smile this morning - thanks a lot ... go ahead and take your time.
    One day you will find your own voice and you will be very happy.
    Thanks for loving my work,
    ♥ Manuela

  2. Thank you so much Manuela. You are the sweetest. I spoke with Kimberly Affleck last weekend at the bead club affair we had for Beads of Courage. I ask everyone I meet in the bead world if they know you so I can talk about how wonderful I think your beads are. She had made the most beautiful seahorse bead on a black bead (large) you know how they are. She had strung it in a necklace of black and silver beads. B E A U T I F U L. It was good to mention you and have her speak so highly of you. She smiled when I told her how crazy I am about your beads and told her whenever I make a bird bead I tell people about you and how you inspire me. Then I tell them to go to your site and see what you are up to. We're all the same, I think, we bead makers. haha

    have a great week.


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