Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beads of Courage

I had a wonderful opportunity today with the Bead club. Glass beads artists are invited to create one of a kind beads for children who are undergoing treatments (cancer and other life threatening diseases). When a child completes a treatment - they are awarded a bead toward an ongoing string of beads as a symbol of courage.

My bead club met at Pratt School of Fine Arts - who donated studio time, glass and kiln for members who sat together, had fun, shared knowledge and then donated created beads to the kids.

I was a bit intemidated by the world reknown glass bead artists who contribute, Leslie Thiel, Kimberly Afleck, Cheryl Matson, and many others who were making these incredible glass beads for the kids. While I, did my best and then reached for my bead box and contributed as many beads as I thought the kids would love to donate to the cause.

It was rewarding and just humbling to be a part of something much bigger than myself to children who will choose a bead they love most to remember their courage in their life battle against a killer who just WILL NOT WIN in their lives.

Get involved in something that is bigger than you!


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