Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shel Silverstein Story

In the late 60's I was a flower child living in San Francisco, California.  I'd moved there to study ballet at the San Francisco Ballet. 

After I had moved to Haight Ashbury a man and his crew came through looking to stage a "Hippie Wedding".  I was the bride and some unsuspecting young man in my same situation was the groom. 

We went to Golden Gate Park, put flowers in our hair, had a staged hippie wedding where many photographs were taken and we were told there was a documentary being made by this gentleman with the crew.

Turned out - the gentleman's name was Shel Silverstein.  No, I never saw the documentary or pictures.  But everytime I see some sort of documentation of the 60's in Haight Ashbury - I take a look to see if I see myself. 

Have a Happy Weekend All !!! 

   God says to me with a kind
   of smile, "Hey how would you like
   to be God awhile And steer the world?"
   "Okay," says I, "I'll give it a try.

   Where do I set?
   How much do I get?
   What time is lunch?
   When can I quit?"

  "Gimme back that wheel," says GOD.
   "I don't think you're quite ready YET."

                                                        ----Shel Silverstein

Thank you Manuela Wutschke for bringing Shel Silverstein back into my life though your posting of a poem on Facebook written by him. 


  1. What a cute story :)
    Beads are adorable!



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