Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beautiful Silvered Organics - Special Order

An amazing client produced a picture of some beads made into a bracelet that she just loved and wanted to reproduce.

"I respect artistic ethic and would never ask you to copy another artists beads.  Could you make a set with your own twist on organic beauty." She said.
The beads she had a picture of were so beautiful that I was inspired and couldn't wait to get going on them.

I had so much fun that I got lost in the project and created an additional smaller set for earrings as well and an additional lentil for the original requested set of six beads!  Tons of silver that sparkle and shine in the sunlight.

These are them !!!  They will make a beautiful necklace or bracelet of her own design.

And these - are the smaller lentils for ...  maybe a pair of earrings.

Enjoy !!!


1 comment:

  1. They are just perfect! Children of Earth.



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