Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home Again - Seattle

I'm happily settled in my new two bedroom/two bath apartment in south Seattle.  It already feels like home.  That California sunshine is soooooo nice.  But it is sooooo expensive.

At any rate - I'm back in touch with my Bead Club - Fire and Rain - after attending the Christmas Party last weekend and joining up for the new year.

Next, setting my glass studio back up.  Granted, my studio in California was to die for, but my studio here in Washington is also fantastic.  Although I do have to drive to my mother's, about a mile away, to fire up my kiln and fire up my torch.  But, it is an act of pure love.  So ....  here I go  ;o)

Soon - not sure how soon with the holidays just around the corner, I will be posting new beads and jewelry.  Thank you for your patience.

I love you all ....


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